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EOAT & Vision Systems

We offer as part of a total package the design and manufacture of bespoke handling systems which include vision systems and end of arm tooling.


Vision Systems

RoboMotion vision systems include:

In house integration of a wide range of camera technology to provide the right solution every time, full technical support with remote diagnosis capability and Front end feasibility studies for complete peace of mind.

Applications of vision systems include:

  • Presence/Absence detection
  • Defect detection
  • Automated vision test & measurement
  • Pattern matching
  • Vision guided robot
  • Part verification (orientation, function, dimension, finished part features)
  • Optical character recognition & verification (OCR/OCV)
  • Colour verification
  • Sorting
  • Barcode reading and traceability
EOAT & Vision Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most asked questions for EOAT and Vision Systems

What is a machine vision system?

A vision system enables high-precision machine vision inspection, verification and analysis across a variety of products and industries, including automotive, medical device, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, food and drink, identifying defects in parts and orientation for pick and place.

Vision sensors create added value and provide operational excellence by enabling faster, more efficient, real-time data.

Protecting a user’s reputation with end customers and consumers due to perfect quality parts only being processed during production

Minimising production downtime for the user.

Shrinking quality concerns, increasing production quality

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